Delaney showcased at Kittitas Valley Choir Concert

This is Jon. Earlier this year Delaney started singing with the Kittitas Valley Choir and last night was her first performance at the CWU Music Building (which was an impressive music hall). She and her group (Allegros) sang five songs. I know I'm biased, but Brittany and I were impressed with the group which ranged in age from 6 to probably 8. She and the Allegros were one of four different groups to sing, which included an older ensemble (pre-teen through high school), a barbershop group and a women's choir. Some CWU music students also played (including a violin, cello and pianist trio that absolutely brought down the house).
We've been thrilled with Delaney's enthusiasm for singing as both Brittany and I really benefited from music in school.

Delaney at home with her Kittitas Valley Choir shirt.

Adelyn and Mommy enjoying the music. Behind Adelyn are the Boast twins, who spent the evening all dancing together.

The first years being recognized after their performance. If Delaney looks uncomfortable, it's because she is just that. For one, her shirt is a bit big on her and her tights under her skirt were....well, tight. That caused for some fidgeting on her part.

Delaney and her friend Josh Boast watching the older group sing, and that group was flat out good.

At the end of the evening, every group got together to sing one final number.

Flowers for my little performer!


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