Delaney's a baller...

This is Jon. Delaney signed up for a Saturday basketball camp through next month and yesterday was day one. She was pretty hesitant once we got there. There were about 45 kids, give or take a few, and most of them had some sort of basketball skill, with a few of them pretty solid players for their age. She struggled with dribbling and shooting, but by the end of the 90-minute session, she was much more comfortable with it all, thanks in large part to her new friend and coach Megan.

Here they are, just chatting after a drill.

Practicing bounce passes.

Practicing lay ups. I think Delaney's right leg in the air is pretty cute.

This is Delaney practicing her form for lay ups. I think she thinks they're doing some sort of dance.


Dan said…
Good Job Delaney!!

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