Christmas with the Guddat Family!

This is Jon. We headed over to Dad and Sharon's house to spend Christmas with my side of the family. Jerrod, Megan and kids were there as well as Jim and Sanda and Great Grandma Guddat.

Let's get right to it: Jim said his presents were going to make him and Sanda "favorites". Since everyone got pillow pets, that statement can't really be debated.

Grandma Sharon and Jocelyn spent time reading a book with everyone.

Grandpa Jeff writing down the house rules. With five cousins, plus newborn Jacob (and Preston to be here soon) we all needed to ensure the house didn't get torn apart.

Back to the gifts: In classic Dad and Sharon form, the cousins' gifts were unique and personalized. Each of them got a book with their names the basis of the story. Really cool.

Adelyn had big hugs for her big cousin Jocelyn.

Jayden was no match for the girls' hugs, as well.

I'm posting this because Jayden looks EXACTLY like Jerrod did at five years old.

Me and my home boy, Jacob.

Not sure why Jerrod can't hold the bottle like 99.9% of the rest of fathers.

Delaney and Grandpa cuddling with her new cousin.

Great Grandma helping the kids cut out and bake cookies.

Everyone including Grandma Sharon got into the mix.

Great Grandma helping out Adelyn.

Grandma supervising the frosting while holding onto Jacob.


Tori and Chad said…
Is it weird that I wanted a pillow pal? Specifically, I wanted the lady bug.

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