Christmas night with the Liedtkes...

This is Jon. As with tradition, the Liedtkes came over on the night of Christmas to do a little celebrating at our humble abode.

Jon and Duane. Yes, it gets this crazy with us in the same room.

Delaney unwrapping her new scooter. Ever since Addy Bear got hers for her birthday, Delaney has wanted one.

Adelyn's High School Musical yearbook. I'll admit to reading it as well.

Zach and Delaney.

Adelyn was content to sit in the middle of the floor to read her new books.

But she and Delaney got energized for a little craziness with Uncle Zach.

Happy grandparents.

Delaney is clearly thrilled with the new BBQ grill since Daddy nearly blew up the house with the old one.


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