Glow Worms Stay Undefeated!

This is Jon. While our shutout streak ended at two games, the Mighty Glow Worms put together a convincing 10-3 win on Saturday to improve to 5-0-1 on the season. I unfortunately could not coach the game since I had to work, but my assistant coach, Delaney and substitute coach, Brittany filled in nicely. It was a rough game, with one of our players getting drilled in the nose with a soccer ball and displaying a bloody nose that would make a special effects guy on a movie set jealous. He didn't sit on the sidelines very long though. I'm also told there was a thug on the other team, but our players rose above it and ran circles around the punk. Last week, we won 13-0 and I felt bad about that, but despite me switching things up to even the playing field a bit, we still kept scoring. We've outscored teams, 37-6 this season, it's gotta be the coaching.
I put Adelyn in as goalie last week, and this was the response I got. Being goalie is not a punishment! C'mon.
Brittany helped get rid of the tears by giving her some shades in the bright sun. She looks pretty cool here.


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