Summer has flown by!

This is Jon. In June and July, we were all on summertime schedule. Plenty of lazy days in the sun. Come August, the schedule has flown by! Just today we turned in Delaney's entry to the fair. I hate to spoil it for everyone, I'm sure she's going to be grand champion.
My three girls at the Bonneville Dam Fish Hatchery outside of Portland in mid-July. We were on our way to cousin Katie's wedding and stopped by.
My homeboy Herman the Sturgeon. Large 75-year-old fish.
Normal pictures are boring.
Two reasons why I like this picture: The girls are hugging and Delaney has a look on her face that says, "yep, my sister's a weirdo".
Multnomah Falls.
It was easily 90+ degrees and the girls were hot. They decided to play in the creek (along with many others) at the foot of the falls.
Cutie Adelyn.


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