An update with a winter flair

It has snowed in Kittitas a few times already, including once before Halloween. Our backyard looks pretty serene one afternoon.
Brittany with her foot propped up after surgery. She's been pretty immobile for nearly a month now. To say it's been frustrating is an understatement.
Delaney posing after her Thanksgiving presentation at school.
The men working the kitchen during Thanksgiving. My homeboys Duane, Dave and I rocked the turkey, ham and potatoes and I did a particularly bang-up job on the celery.
Apparently Adelyn found comfort in cousin Madison's arms after a fun and food filled Thanksgiving.
I would say this is Brittany and I on Black Friday. It wasn't Friday yet. Not sure why I'm smiling.
Adelyn lost her second bottom tooth.
Me and the girls before we headed out to get our Christmas tree. With Brittany in a walking boot, she stayed home and trusted my good parenting skills in the snowy woods.
Peaking through a meadow to find my girls.
This is not a posed photo. Adelyn was ready to take a jump.
After searching and searching with very little luck, this is the tree the two of them picked out. I had them stand next to it to prove to them that it was a tad too tall.
I thought this photo was cool of the girls in the woods. The nice thing about this trail is the fact that all year round it's a non-motorized trail so no four-wheelers or snowmobiles. Thinking about coming back soon to snowshoe.
Birthday morning for my favorite 29-year old.
Christmas tree decorating time. The girls are holding their own sister ornament.
It takes meticulous attention to adorn our tree with lights and ornaments.


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