Our visit to Alcatraz

On the 24th of April Jon and I flew over to Oakland to visit our brothers John and Logan. Logan was just finishing up motorcycle technician school and we wanted to see it before he came back home. We decided to take in Alcatraz while we were there. Logan and his girlfriend Lyndsey, and Jon and I all spent the afternoon there on Sunday. It was pretty fascinating and eerie at the same time. The whole place practically is crumbling and it is now a national park which is a refuge for many different species of rare birds. It was cool to see solitary confinement and the places where they dropped grenades during a huge prison riot where the prisoners took over. It was a neat experience and a great viewpoint to see San Francisco.


Megs said…
Looks and sounds like fun! Jon, I had a feeling we'd one day see you behind bars!!!
Nana said…
While you were there....did you "feel spooked" by the current resident "ghosts"!

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