The girls at Grandpa's Christmas Party!

My Dad's company has a Christmas party every year just for the children and grandchildren of the employees. They have bouncy houses, cookie making, games, pics with Santa and more. The girls love it and my Dad does too. Addy got to go in the bouncy house with big sis this year and it was so much fun to watch! It's a fun time we look forward to every year.


Nana said…
It's great that Grandpa's company had a Christmas party and looking at the pictures the kids had lots of made me remember something I had forgotten... for years my Dad worked for Scott Paper Company & they used to have a big party every year and of course my Mom loved the gifts given (to the adults)...a couple months worth of paper products :-) :-)
Megs said…
What a ton of fun, I'm always up for a jump or two in the bouncy house!! I'm glad you all get to do some fun things!!

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