I need to get back to my blogging!

Here's the past handful of months for the ol' Guddats.
The two girls and I had a mid-week day off so we went and took in the culture in Seattle.
Snow bunny alert.
Taking a break while searching for our Christmas tree up on Blewett Pass.
This was taken about two seconds before I took the business end of a couple of bumps down a ravine.
This is my, "I'm in pain from the bad bumps, but I'm happy" face.
The good thing though was while trying to climb out of the ravine, I found our tree. The bad thing? Trying to get the tree up a ravine.
More snow fun with the girls.
Taking the neighbors dogs out for a walk in the snow.
Visiting Snoqualmie Falls.
Testing out the new water backpacks on a hike.
Waterfall at the end of Frenchman Coulee. The place is awesome. If you go at different parts of the summer, you'll probably encounter rattlesnakes...that's why we went in February.
Daddy Daughter Dance!
Never left the dance floor!


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