Let me catch you up

this is Jon. It's been five months since a blog update. Here what the past five months have looked like:
Hiking Rattlesnake Ridge right after the New Year.
Sledding at Gold Creek near Snoqualmie for my birthday.
Professional Bull Riders tour stop with Adelyn.
Hiking to Umptanum Falls. Very muddy, very dirty, very memorable.
Daddy Daughter Dance with my two girls. Never left the dance floor!
Day trip to Lake Kachees. Very quiet and serene. Trying to make a camping trip here possible this summer.
Adelyn's favorite perch at the Ellensburg Rodeo arena. She enjoys watching the roughstock in the pens below the buckaroo chutes.
My softball star, Adelyn.
My volleyball star, Delaney.
College rodeo on a Sunday morning.
Adelyn watching the steer wrestling from her spot near the chutes.
Delaney eating a cheeseburger like a boss.
Is that me and my girl right before the New Kids on the Block concert? Yes it is.
Brittany's dreamboats, the New Kids on the Block.
Thank goodness I'm already married to her because Brittany was getting a little bit hot and bothered when Donnie Wahlberg got this close to us.


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