Outdoors with the Guddats

This is Jon. We've been taking advantage of the nice weather. Aside from a couple of days that reached 80 degrees, it hasn't been that great (mostly due to the wind), but good enough to enjoy.
Slip n' slide time. The girls were begging to get the slip n' slide out. Despite the clear, sunny weather, it was chilly and Adelyn tapped out after about 15 minutes.
I channeled my inner-Jerrod Guddat and had to get a few slides in myself. Jerrod did it during Jayden's first birthday party years ago and the slide wasn't wet enough yet because he got some major skin burns from sliding on dry plastic. It's a memory I enjoy revisiting often.
Soap Lake. We were driving to Coulee City for the Last Stand Rodeo and we stopped at Soap Lake to let the girls wade in the water. Very shallow and warm lake with all those minerals (I told them the soapiness of the water was from alien carcasses, to which my wife slapped me on the shoulder for).
Adds at the Lake Lenore Caves. Awesome area.
The family sherpas. They get into four-wheel drive and go.
My girls hiking up to the caves.
The girls exploring what they claimed as their new home.
Our tour guide.
Adelyn at Dry Falls, which to me is one of the many mind-boggling wonders of the world. This picture was taken of a very ticked off Adelyn saying, "Dad, where is the waterfall." She didn't like that I explained to her the falls vanished years ago.
Yep, that's all man with the rototiller. Had to churn things up for the pumpkins and corn. Our cherries, raspberries and rhubarb are coming in nicely.
Cooper Lake this afternoon. Great time. A bit chilly, but still fun. The girls wanted to swim. I mentioned that there was still plenty of snow that feeds the alpine lake, which keeps it quite cooler than Soap Lake they swam in the other day.
It's less than a week from June and there was still plenty of snow in areas.
The one contemplative moment for the girls all day. Kind of nice. Kind of cute. Kind of wish they were this cooperative more often.
Adelyn was a bit pouty on the way home. Even though she has 1% body fat, she still thought she'd be warm enough to swim in the late


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