This is what July looked like for us...

This is Jon. Here's a rundown of some highlights in July 2013:
Jon and Brittany head to Cooper Lake. This is God's Country. It takes a while to get to, you've got to climb a bit in elevation, but if you go there on a weekday afternoon, it's pretty much all yours without sharing. Picture perfect day. Great weather, very serene and the scenery was beautiful.
Delaney ready to roll for the first family rafting trip of the summer. Brittany and I have done this many times, but had never taken the girls. This year we figured they were ready to go and were old enough and aware enough to be mature in the swift water. I like this pic of Delaney because her hair is perfectly imperfect.
My lady trio, ready to put into the water.
Daddy and Delaney fighting the current to get back to shore. Earlier I had jumped off the cliff and Delaney was ready to tackle it herself. She jumped off a shorter part of the cliff with me, but it took much strength and courage (and a life jacket!) to get back to shore. I was incredibly proud of her.
After the rafting. Our battle cry along with my severely beat up hat.
Jon and Brittany heading to Sam and Wendi's wedding. Great couple.
Best part of this photo: Sam is looking at his bride. Dude puts her on a pedestal. One of the reasons why we get along so well is because our love and respect for our wives are similar.
Their wedding was at the Point Defiance rose garden. Hundreds of different variations of roses and many other flowers. We were surrounded.
Delaney and Preston chilling on Sunday morning after spending the night at Dad and Sharon's house.
Adelyn and Preston playing with each other.
One of our trips to Speelyi Beach on Lake Cle Elum. Another place called God's Country.


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