More randomness from April

This is Jon. I've been trying to post pictures more often despite the fact that the formating for our blog is a bit off. Easter Egg coloring. To be honest, maybe we pulled a "bad parent card" because we didn't do Easter Eggs until the Tuesday after Easter. Sorry, but the girls still had a good time and they didn't seem to mind that the holiday had already passed. At William and Melissa's baby shower the men were supposed to blow up balloons, put them under their shirts and then bend down and try and tie their shoes without popping the balloon to simulate what it's like to try to do anything while pregnant. Not going to lie, I rocked it. Grandma Sharon and Adelyn playing TicTacToe. Did a little late-season skiing at Snoqualmie last weekend. At this point, I had taken a tumble, so I just set up shop here for a little photo opportunity and some lunch that I always pack in a backpack. Date night with my Brittany. Another booth sale for Girl Scout cookies. The girls have been champs with this, usually selling cookies around Ellensburg and Kittitas two to three times a week. Brittany has been there for every one as well, with me holding down the fort a few times.


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