Jon takes on the Calf Scramble

Let's get right to the point. I'm up for a challenge. I like dare devil things. I like to drive fast. I like rodeo. I put 'em all together on Saturday.
Every year the Central Washington University Rodeo Club hosts one stop on the Northwest Regional schedule right here at the Ellensburg Rodeo arena. Every year they have a calf scramble and for some reason or another, I had never entered until this year.
What's the calf scramble? You have a herd of calves. They have ribbons tied to their tails. A bunch of non-sober college kids (and one over the hill red head) chase the calves in the middle of an arena trying to get the ribbon for the prize. What was the prize? I have no idea, I didn't win.

If you can tell in the blurry image, this is early on in the scramble. I'm one of the blurs trying to catch another blur.

This is a relatively unflattering picture of me trying to run toward calves that seem to be nowhere near where I am. Some people have already given up at this point. Not me, though.

OK, at this point, I maybe have given up a little.

In one last hurrah, I made a push for it........and came up empty handed again.

Two things I don't like about this photo: 1. I had lost the contest. 2. This is probably the worst photo ever taken of me. Seriously. Brittany, let's utilize photoshop a little more next time, huh?

Below is the link to my weekly rodeo column for the Daily Record recounting my duel in the dirt.........


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