Just checking in...

...we haven't had the ability to post blog entries or at least post photos as our laptop has gone to the big motherboard in the sky. It died a few days before the Fourth of July weekend and it's amazing how much you're tied to a computer at home or at work.

Here's the update over the last month or so:
Delaney's lost a third tooth, so she's missing her two bottom front teeth and another front top tooth. She kind of looks like a cute hillbilly right now.
We headed over to Ocean Shores a couple of weeks ago and couldn't pull the kids out of the water or off the beach. It was great weather as well. The girls (all three of them, including my wonderful wife) are great campers. They love to camp in the tent, love a camp fire and really don't mind that things can get a bit dirty.
Fourth of July was great. I did the PA announcing for Ellensburg's community celebration and we finished that night watching the fireworks with friends from church. We were a bit worried that Addy might get spooked from the booms and blasts, but she soaked it all in.
Our garden has been hit and miss this summer. We planted in mid-May and what followed was gray skies and tons of rain and wind, but at least July has been great as we were flirting with triple digits all last week. Our carrots, beans and cucumbers are doing well. Our corn, tomatoes and red bell peppers look OK and our strawberries have been sub par. As for our fruit trees, I don't have one apricot, cherry or apple at all, victims of a bad spring.

On top of buying a new computer, we know we're going to have to make some improvements in our bathroom, which is certainly exciting, but not necessarily the cheapest thing. Our house is 65-years old and we know it's been updated once or twice in those years, but we've noticed some problem areas that need to be fixed now before it becomes really expensive. Right now, we're in the planning stages, talk to me in a month and we might have that thing ripped apart.

We'll try and keep you posted as soon as we get a new laptop!



Nana said…
WOW, your family is busy as always! I'm amazed at what's going on, glad camping is still fun, carrying on the "Guddat" family tradition. Good Job,
Grandma Debbie

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